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About Ron

Chew Communications, a Seattle-based firm, was established in 2007 with a two-part mission: to document and share untold community stories and to provide support for emerging non-profit cultural organizations working to build a more tolerant and just world.


Chew Communications emphasizes the power of oral histories, collaborative research and writing, and accessible design.  Chew Communications works in the following areas:


¨ Oral history-based publications and multi-media productions

¨ Community-based autobiographies

¨ Capacity-building for small to mid-sized museums and cultural organizations

¨ Executive coaching for emerging non-profit leaders

¨ Marketing to underserved audiences


Chew Communications Projects


MANY interview with Ron Chew, 2012


Book fulfills promise to slain union activists

"Remembering Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes: The Legacy of Filipino American Labor Activism," tells the story of two young lives sacrificed three decades ago to create a movement.  By Seattle Times writer Jerry Large


The Changing Face of Community Organizing

Resources for community organizing featuring Ron and many others.  Produced by the International Examiner


Remembering Silme and Gene

Article for the International Examiner


Years of Caring: The Story of Nikkei Concerns

History of an innovative grassroots community organization dedicated to caring for the elderly. [4.8mb .pdf]


Senior Voices & Pacific Islander Voices

Oral Histories from the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging


Community Based Arts Organizations:

A New Center of Gravity

Part of the Animating Democracy Project,  a Program  of Americans for the Arts.


International Community Health Services: A Documentary History

[3.5mb download]



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Documenting History

Writing and Editing

Oral Histories

Archival Research

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Multimedia  Productions


Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Resource Development